Skatepark Builder Tools

As a company it is of the utmost importance that we deliver high end quality in everything we do, in order to keep the customers satisfied and make them enjoy first-class craftsmanship, regardless of the situation. With our experience and expertise we, Nine Yards Skateparks, are able to deliver what your project deems necessary. From tailor made skateparks to the best handcrafted tools. We get the job done.

Being experienced concrete users we have noticed over the years how important good tools and machinery are in order to get the job done. To make this accessible and easy for you and ourselves we decided to become a supplier of the finest concrete tool brands and on top of that even develop our very own tools.

During the 10 years we have spent building concrete skateparks, we have used various tools by different brand and suppliers. With this knowledge spanning over years of hard labor, we have determined which brands are suited perfectly for building concrete constructions. With that in mind we started making contact with different parties, leading to us becoming an official Kraft Tools USA dealer. We are proud to offer a wide selection of their items on our webshop.

Because we saw barely no supply of certain concrete tools we personally needed for our builds, we started developing our own selection of special tools. In order to fill this void Nine Yards Skateparks B.V. made its very own concrete radius floats. This way you too can shape the best quarter pipes! 

We combine our knowledge from the industry, the highest quality tools and equipment and our commitment to deliver exceptional service regardless of the project or customer. We stay in touch and keep you updated.

We would like to help you further and give you the advice necessary and are willing to take just the extra step.

We go the whole Nine Yards!


For the love of Skatyeboarding | Team Nine Yards