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With 12 years of experience building skateparks, Nine Yards has created a platform to bring everything about skatepark builds together. From tools, Skatelite to merch. We have everything for you.

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Nine Yards Merchandise

Join the team and equip yourself with Nine Yards merchandise. Nine Yards shares its experience and style. From hoodies, tees to accessories. Enjoy the ride.

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skatepark tools

We use all our knowledge and years of experience to advance the market. We share our favorite and specially designed tools with other builders. We collect all tools within our webshop, for the right skatepark build. Check out our Collection of Kraft tools, Radius floats, Eggers and Pooltrowles!

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Our customized ramp kits!

With our handy ramp kits you can build your own ramp in no time, for your home or organization. With a choice of various sizes and materials, you will soon have your own private skate park.

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Skatelite ramp surface

For over 25 years, Skatelite has been the ultimate riding surface for professional skateparks, ramps & action sport events worldwide. Fast, extremely strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is weather resistant and the rock-hard composition provides the perfect balance between speed and grip. We provide you with Skatelite, instructional videos and tips & tricks. Check out the store!

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