Our own custom radius floats

Good tools are of great importance when building iconic skateparks. That is why we developed our radius floats. They are also available for you in our webshop.

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We develop our own tools

With extensive experience in the construction of concrete skateparks, the demand for new concrete tools arose within the Nine Yards team. In particular to various radius floats. With the requirement that the radius floats are easy to hold, have little weight and last for a long time, we developed our own customized tools. We share our tools with other professional skate park builders and DIY builders.

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Create the perfect radius float

The final design has been extensively tested by the Nine Yards team and has proven to be a firm favourite. This has been further developed to easily produce in various radii. In addition to these standard sizes, we can also produce other dimensions. Whether in metric or imperial sizes, our Dr. Tool realizes the best radius floats for you.

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