Skatelite, the perfect surface

Discover Skatelite Pro for yourself. Durable, strong, fast and aesthetically pleasing.

What is Skatelite?

Skatelite is a durable composite material, which is often used as a riding surface in urban sports. Originally developed by Richlite who have been making these plates for over 70 years. Skatelite is a type of material used in the aerospace, marine and defense industries of America.

Our Skatelite plates are the best top plates on the market today and are used by the world's pro skaters, BMX riders, training facilities and competitions.

How do we use Skatelite surfaces

Use and maintenance

Skatelite has a specific application. This should be used properly if you want to get the most out of the product. Skatelite has set up two grids for this, for applying the screws, as well as several instructional videos that provide further explanation.

Once properly applied, the Skatelite plates require virtually no maintenance. When applying the Skatelite plates properly, there is a warranty period of 5 years!

So watch the instruction videos carefully. If there are any further questions, please send an email to