Skate Drain

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Product description

For draining surfaces at roller-sports facilities, for example, stainless-steel point drainage systems are the products of choice, as this material makes them corrosion resistant, weatherproof and robust. The functional covers have been adapted to sporting environments with their large intake area and safe, screwlocked design. They also include an integrated dirt trap with a large retention volume, while the DN 100 outlet is designed for connecting all conventional KG pipes.

The drain fully meets all the requirements of EN-14974:2019 and can therefore be used throughout Europe.

Dimensions (mm):

Diameter: 305
Height: 350
Socket: Ø 110
Weight: 8.5 kg

Skate Drain

What is a Skate Drain?

A skate drain is a disposal developed specifically for use in skate parks. Nine Yards Skateparks offers these drains worldwide, in order to achieve the highest possible finish for a skate park. Because these skate-able drains are made of stainless steel, they can last the entirety of the skate park, an extra container inside the drain itself collects all the dirt and can easily be cleaned for management of the drain.

The sturdy materials make this the ideal pit for skate parks.


Once applied, the drain plates require virtually no maintenance.

Long-lasting quality

Easy to use.