About Us


Nine Yards Skateparks was founded in 2008 as Plywood Constructions. We started hosting and organizing skateboard events and building indoor skateparks. 

Nowadays we develop tailor made skateparks (indoor and outdoor) and diverse custom projects. By proving ourself to be a reliable partner we were able to connect with the Dutch Skateboarding Federation (SFN). As partner of the SFN we are involved with the design, organization and realization of different championships in the Netherlands. 

Nine Yards Skateparks CO. is a 100% skater owned company. With a talented team of diverse people consisting of designers, professional builders and landscape architects we develop our projects. It is our mission to develop and design the most innovative skateparks and skate objects. Making every skatepark unique, with a well thought out design, innovative material choices and a seamless integration into the surroundings. 

In addition to building skateparks we are able to further develop the facilities of indoor skateparks. Think about the interior decoration, catering industrie and everything needed for successful events. This way we can create a location where everything comes together. 


In recent years we have been further developing ourself in order to offer skateparks as much as possible. Whether it's about the production of an Urban Sports Event or the realization of a full concrete skatepark. For all services needed we have the right professionals to guide the projects.

Learn more about Nine Yards Skateparks or check out our skatepark builds.