What is Skatelite?

Skatelite is a durable solid composite material, mainly used as a riding surface for extreme sports. Originating from Richlite, the company is familiar with manufacturing the composite panels for over 70 years. Skatelite is the same material used by the American aerospace, marine and A&D industries. These Skatelite panels are currently the best panels on the market and are used by the best skaters, BMX riders, training facilities and competitions on the globe.


Fast to ride on, grippy and super strong, Skatelite is used by skatepark builders, designers and athletes because the material has so little maintenance and long lasting quality. Made with paper that is either post consumer waste recycled or sustainably harvested rapidly renewable paper, makes for Skatelite’s unique character. For applying the panels we suggest watching the instruction video’s below and follow the steps advised thoroughly.


By making Skatelite out of recycled paper and residual materials from harvesting trees, Skatelite’s goal is to achieve success while leaving behind a smaller footprint. With certificates by organizations like FSC, Skatelite is determined to minimizing its impact on the environment by the use of sustainably-derived resources, sound manufacturing and business practices, and by working with partners who share similar goals. Skatelite’s openness is designed to hold the company and the industry accountable, and to create a dialogue on responsible manufacturing and distribution practices.


You can find Skatelite surfaces in some of the world’s biggest competitions like The X-Games, Dew Tour and UK Vert Series. Tony Hawk’s 900 and Danny Way’s Rock Drop all happened with the help of Skatelite ramps. The material is weatherproof and nearly indestructible and gives riders a balance of speed and grip unlike any other ramp skins.

For over 25 years Skatelite has proven itself by delivering quality. Born through the company Richlite, the panels were soon noted by the action sports branche and from 1998 picked up by skatepark builders, resulting in Skatelite as we know it.

Application and maintenance

Skatelite panels have a unique composition making the appliance specific to other panels. Users should be very mindful when applying, certainly for fist time users we advice watching the instruction videos thoroughly. For the appliance of the panels Skatelite has set up two gridlines you can follow for applying the screws, as well as two video’s giving instructions about the panels.

Once applied the Skateline panels need almost no maintenance what so ever, provided that the panels are applied correctly. Skatelite even goes as far as giving a 5 year warranty on the panels (for further information on the panels click here). For further inquiries you can also e-mail us at


We offer a select range of Skatelite panels, down below you can see the panels we have in stock.