Radius Floats


Radius Floats |  Nine Yards Skateparks

With plenty of experience in the construction of concrete skatepark, a certain demand arose at the Nine Yards team for new tools, with the emphasis on different radius floats. Our main goal from the start would be to develop radius floats that are easy to use, lightweight yet strong and long-lasting quality. Another point of attention would be that they would be ready available for professional skatepark builders and the DIY builders.

Being experienced concrete users we have noticed over the years how important good tools and machinery are in order to get the job done. To make this accessible and easy for you and ourselves we decided to become a supplier of the finest concrete tool brands and on top of that even develop our very own tools.

After having done plenty of research we stumbled upon dr. Tool and started making our first prototypes. The handle was paramount, because we experienced other radius floats’ handles never to be supple while holding them. By trying out different thicknesses and shapes our team  eventually unanimously came to the conclusion which handle felt the best. We continued developing this in order to be able to produce them in large quantities, as a call back to skateboarding feel we gave each handle an orange  skateboard ply in the middle. 

Because we saw barely no supply of these radius floats we personally needed for our builds, we started developing our own selection of special tools in order to fill this void a little. This way you too can shape the best quarter pipes!

We feel that sharing information and helping the availability of these tools are important for the growth of the scene and challenging to be more creative.

Next to the standard sizes we now offer, we can always develop custom made tools in either metric or imperial sizes. Send an email to our professor drtool@nine-yards.com and he will see to it as fast as possible.

Otherwise you can always chose one of the radius floats from our webshop. The radii we have to offer currently are; 80cm, 100cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 250cm and 300cm. And as mentioned before: all radii can be made on demand, but expect longer delivery times.

We would like to help you further and give you the advice necessary and are willing to take just the extra step.

We go the whole Nine Yards!